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We Were Wardens Together

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For as far back as I can remember, I wanted to be a game warden. I never gave up my dream. I loved the outdoors and talking to people and being around people who enjoyed the same thing. 

With the help of family and friends, I became a Maine Guide when I was nineteen years old. I fell in love with an outdoorswoman, Bea Leighton. She became Mrs. Cote in 1951 and was by my side when I took the warden's pledge at twenty-three. 

Some of my most pleasnt memeories are of Bea coming with me when I patrolled the lakes in the North Country. We were wardens together out there. when we moved to Mount Desert Island, she was always by my side. 

This book is a collection of memories about my family and friends, about meeting Bea and sharing our lives together - from the North Country to the Maine coast. I hope these pages leave you with a smile. 


Bea and I moved to the Burbank Warden's Cabin in Northeast Carry in 1953. We were wardens together making our way in Maines wilderness. We loved our little home on the river - no electricity, no running water. When ever I went snowshoeing, Bea wanted to come. Even though she was tiny, she was quite nimble-footed on those snowshoes and was always able to keep up with me. As I think back on our adventures in the North Country, I know Bea would agree, those three years were the best of our lives. 

Price: $40.00
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After nintey-one years, Don Cote was ready to tell his story. We Were Wardens Together follows his life from a young boy growing up on French Island in Old Town, to his retirement in 1975. Along the way, Don was a boxer, a lobsterman, built a few houses, and became the "Camel man." His greatest joy was sharing his love of the Maine outdoors. 

With compassion, fairness, and hard work, Don helped make a difference in the lives he touched. Don's stories are warm, often funny, and full of heart.

Just like him.