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Untamed...Special Signed Copy

SKU: 9781984801258signed

An Excerpt from Glennon's FaceBook page:

"Today we announce a special SIGNED EDITION OF UNTAMED AVAILABLE ONLY AT INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORES. This edition has an art page with our regal (and a little bit scary) Tabitha cheetah, and I signed each one. 
Please scoop them up as a gift to yourself, your family and your friends this holiday — to support the local independent bookstores that do so much to support our communities.  Did you know that, on average for every $100 you spend at a locally owned store, $73 stays in your local community?
Our local indies are struggling everyday to stay open — at least one indie is forced out of business every week that this pandemic continues. 
Profit margins for successful independent bookstores are as little as 2% — and operating during a pandemic is even more expensive.  They are depending on strong holiday sales to stay afloat. 
For these stores, a few book sales make a giant difference, so please pick up this limited special signed edition today."

Price: $28.00