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Maine Nature

Buzz Caverly’s inspiring story reveals the minefield of people and issues he negotiated to save the park’s wilderness character.

The Changing Nature of the Maine Woods is both a fascinating introduction to the forests of Maine and a detailed but accessible narrative of the dynamism of these ecosystems. This is natural history with a long view, starting with an overview of the state's geological history, the reemergence of the forest after glacial retreat, and the surprising changes right up to European arrival.

Over 100 photographs celebrate the simple beauty of sea glass.

Experience the magic of the beach with this photographic collection of treasures in the sand

Someone once asked me how much I charge to guide people into the woods. "That's free," I explained. "Anyone can get themselves into the woods. You pay me to get you out." Can anyone really know the northern forest? It is something you feel more in your heart than in your head. You may be able to locate your place on a map, but can you pinpoint the places the forest has hold of your soul?

Informative travel companions about roadside terrain and geology with photos, diagrams, and glossary.

This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it. This work was reproduced from the original artifact, and remains as true to the original work as possible.

This clever and delightful little book shows that, more than just a pretty face, Maine coons can serve a wide range of duties beyond simply being your adorable companion. Whether you need a boot warmer, piano tuner, or even a dog-sitter, the coon cats in this collection are willing and ready to help out their owners in any way they can.

Ben Emory is one of the most important figures in land conservation and land trusts, particularly in the state of Maine. His efforts have resulted in thousands of acres of waterfront land and islands to be preserved for future generations. This moving book tells not only of his tireless efforts but his love of the coast of Maine, its people and its boats.

Wildflowers of Maine By Kate Furbish (Illustrator), Melissa Dow Cullina (Introduction by), Melissa Dow Cullina (Notes by) Cover Image
By Kate Furbish (Illustrator), Melissa Dow Cullina (Introduction by), Melissa Dow Cullina (Notes by)

Wildflowers of Maine presents a selection of the color paintings, of pioneering botanist Kate Furbish. Including some of the more prominent flowers to be found in Maine, plus a few rarities, this delightful gift formatted edition is a treat for the senses.

The cultural phenomenon of "fairy houses" crafted solely from available natural materials apparently originated spontaneously on a few Maine islands, and in recent years, these charming, wee shelters made from leaves, moss, twigs, stones, bark, shells, feathers, and other found items have caught the imaginations of parents and children everywhere.

Everything that you ever wanted to know about Maine’s state cat, America’s first native breed, which teetered on the edge of oblivion at one point in the past.

Waterfalls are magical. Their volume and thunderous echoes provide places of wonder and spiritual well being. Learn how 177 waterfalls shaped Maine's history from prehistoric times to the present; how they were vital to survival for the first people living there--as travel challenges, hindrances to the logging industry, and as ambush spots for attacking Indians.

Heart Stones By Josie Iselin (By (photographer)) Cover Image
By Josie Iselin (By (photographer))

Photographer Josie Iselin, author of Abrams’ very popular Beach Stones, has put together a magical collection of 100 heart stones, and each one expresses a universal feeling.
A heart stone is one of nature’s gifts.

At a major turning point in his life, Chris Johnson dares to throw it all away to hike the Appalachian Trail. Along the way he is met with friendships, hardships, beauty, suffering, struggle and gain, confrontations with demons both old and new, and ultimately triumph. An honest account, told from the heart, of the life-altering events encountered while following a dream.

In Glaciers & Granite David Kendall vividly explains why Maine's landscape is so geologically varied and interesting. Whether you want to read about one particular place or to explore all of the state's outstanding features, Glaciers & Granite is the perfect guide.

The inspiring story of a young ornithologist who reintroduced puffins where none had been seen for a century  

Project Puffin
 is the inspiring story of how a beloved seabird was restored to long-abandoned nesting colonies off the Maine coast. As a young ornithology instructor at the Hog Island Audubon Camp, Dr. Stephen W.

Maine is a talisman of the American imagination, offering beauty and wildlife to tourists and natives. Over the last few years, Jim has published many essays about the wonders and challenges of Maine’s environment, and One Man’s Maine collects and edits them into sixteen pairs.

Leads the reader through the worlds between the tides, with tales of the origins of each shard, whether glass or ceramic.

Tiny bits of glass and ceramic have engaged generations of avid collectors throughout the world and connect civilization and nature, often in surprising ways.

Almost every shoreline offers up worlds of adventure, archaeology, science, and the arts in the form of sea glass and ceramic shards. These discarded remains pull beachcombers into a world of startling revelation; a world of history founded on documented research and broadened by the imagination. Recognized expert on sea glass, C.S.

This definitive reference for beachcombers is also a beautiful addition to any coffee table.

  • Surveys the history of glass manufacturing.
  • Explains the weathering process that creates frosted sea glass gems from fragile shards of old glass and tableware.
  • Offers tips on how and where to find the best pieces of sea glass.

This is the much-awaited sequel to LaMotte's ever-popular Pure Sea Glass. The reader is presented with more aspects on shard identification and exposed to the role history plays in what is found along their shores.

A half-century ago, the world was trying to heal the wounds of global war. People were rushing to make up for lost time, grasping for material wealth. This was the era of "total electric living," a phrase beamed into living rooms by General Electric spokesman Ronald Reagan. Environmental awareness was barely a gleam in the eye of even Rachel Carson.

Go Birding with Maine's Best-Selling Bird Guide

The majestic moose, reclusive wanderers of the North Country

Discover, through informative text and 120 vivid images, the interrelationships between commercial fishing, expanding gray seal populations, and great white sharks along the beaches of Cape Cod and the northeast coast. This "Gray Curtain" has come about as a result of geologic and environmental changes, as well as animal migrations and population increases that have impacted the area.

New England is a rocky, rugged region. Its towns are marked by stone walls and its cities anchored by native granite and marble buildings. Historically significant boulders, many with Native American as well as colonial and neo-pagan origins, attract tourists from around the world.

Through the use of seasonal varieties, kids and families can engage in the natural and creative endeavor of building fairy houses through all seasons.

The popularity of fairies and fairy houses has soared, as has the growing movement to get children interested in outdoor activities such as gardening. This new how-to book for parents and kids combines the best of both worlds.

The Maine Coon is arguably the most popular breed of cat in the United States, and it is certainly the largest, with some males weighing nearly 20 pounds. This book provides an informative and fun look at America's favorite feline, exploring the history and origins of the breed, traits and characteristics, interviews with breeders and owners, and some practical how-to advice.

Kids love making and creating things, especially fairy houses.

Prior to writing In The Maine Woods in the mid-nineteenth century, Henry David Thoreau's travels took him north from Monson to Greenville on what is now an abandoned right-of-way. Along the way he stayed at an inn on the upper reaches of Little Wilson Stream that has long since fallen to ruin.

This is a collection of excursions through Maine's woods and fields during the time of "the most gorgeous weather in the world." Inside these essays are the science and experience of what the world looks like when you turn a transparent eye to the energies bubbling up in the flora, fauna and summer starlight of backyard Maine.

Young and young at heart readers at any level who have a love for animals and pets of their own will be drawn to this story. It’s heartfelt message provides a sense of social and emotional learning for all readers in order to understand emotions, compassion, empathy for others, and the value of hope; all elements relevant to developing a healthier society and making the future a better place.