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Maine Humor

“Several years ago it was revealed to me that creative nonfiction was a legitimate literary genre,” writes Phil Crossman. “It was the most liberating experience of my life.

Average Joe Wright is back Joe, still an average middle-aged, thick-around-the-middle man living in Smalltown USA is also still hopelessly clinging to the twentieth century. The modern world just confuses and frustrates him, prompting him to offer his hilarious takes and wry observations on just what is wrong with it all.

In 2009, author Brian Daniels created Joe Wright"a clueless, middle-aged, thick-around-the-middle man who is hopelessly stuck in the twentieth century. Thoughts of an Average Joe is the hilarious ramblings of a man whose commentaries voice the confusion and angst of a simple, old dude trying to make sense of life in the modern world.

Marshall Dodge and Bob Bryan began swapping funny Down East stories when they students at Yale in the 1950s. Their fascination and appreciation for Maine and its people triggered the production of several "Bert and I" records, from which 14 stories were selected.

Collects many of the classic Down East stories told by Bert and I, as performed by Marshall Dodge and Robert Bryan, in print. Dodge recorded five humor albums as Bert and I or as himself and starred in a regional television show that aired on public television in the early 1970s.

Friends, neighbors, and passersby from all over the country can’t fail to miss “The Sign’s" constantly changing humor and insight. On occasion, The Sign of the Apocalypse (SOTA) traffics in the earnest, but at its heart is rooted in a deep-seated desire to express the sarcastic and snort-worthy.

For more than six decades, John Gould charmed readers of the Christian Science Monitor with his regular column Dispatches from the Farm," in which he extolled the virtues of Maine life. Gathered here are fifty favorites from among his "dispatches," comprising a wholesome potpourri of Yankee wit.

Twelve Grindstones continues the laughter and wisdom, the leg-pulling and the literate chuckling of John Gould.

"You know that fall is here and winter comes soon when the summer people leave and Maine is restored to righteousness." So says celebrated essayist John Gould in this wonderful collection inspired by the changing of the seasons in Maine.

John Gould's unrestrained humor is a pleasure--the dry Yankee kind that makes you laugh in retrospect. Throughout Neither Hay Nor Grass radiates the happy glow of warm family relationships studded with shrewd appraisals of nature--human, animal, governmental, and divine.

Even if you've mastered ayuh and can use wicked properly and effortlessly, you won't want to miss this expanded edition of How to Talk Yankee.

What is it about puffins that makes them so endearing? Is it their portly, wide-eyed, toy-like appearance, or their large, brightly colored bills? Whatever the reason, puffins appeal to practically everbody. And the puffins on these pages are no exception.

John McDonald has been making people laugh for decades with his humorous yarns poking fun at people from away, people from Maine, and life in general. Following up the wildly popular A Moose and a Lobster Walk into a Bar, the "Dean of Maine Storytelling" offers a new collection of stories that will make you laugh till you cry and cry till you laugh.

Bears (particularly black bears) by nature are elusive and difficult to see in the wild; yet they are immensely popular, perhaps because they are surprisingly human-looking, though their dense fur and seemingly clumsy gait often lead them to be compared with shaggy, bumbling clowns. Well, the bears in this little gift book have had enough. They're here to set the record straight.

Offers tips to tourists and tries to help them understand the state of Maine - from its history, to its weather, to its vocabulary. This book gives the author's take on Maine destinations that should not be missed, helps interpret Maine-speak, and offers tips on where to shop, what authentic Maine food to eat, and more.

A Moose and a Lobster Walk into a Bar is beloved for its timeless Downeast humor. The family-friendly traditional stories by John McDonald--an author, radio personality, and professional storyteller--strike a chord with readers looking for a good laugh.

Seals by nature are elusive and difficult to see in the wild; yet they are immensely popular, perhaps because they are so graceful and have some surprisingly human qualities, or perhaps it is because they are free to move between our world above the ocean's surface and an alien world beneath the waves.

Father Fell Down the Well is a wonderful collection of traditional Downeast stories collected and performed by Kendall Morse during a career of performing in Maine and across America.

A beloved collection of humorous, fictional essays about hunting and fishing with the irascible ole man, this book was originally published by Maine Outdoor Publications and circulated to a small, but dedicated, audience. The Islandport edition features brand-new material and--for the first time--introduces the ole man and the narrator co-pilot to the general public.

Poking fun at everyone from the locals, to folks from away, and even to the wildlife, Lobster Therapy collects more than 100 cartoons from five of Maine's best artists working in the field. It'll leave you in stitches and just might help lower your blood pressure the next time you're stuck on Route 1 or I-95.

A Flatlander, by definition"at least by our definition"is anyone not originally from Maine. We forgive them. Really, we do. In fact, we want to help. A Flatlander's Guide to Maine offers visitors, transplants, wary guests, native animal species, and anyone else uninitiated in the ways of the Pine Tree State a well-researched and finely illustrated educational guidebook.

Tim Sample's humor is as much a Down East institution as the famous little restaurant that inspired the title story of his book.

In this new collection of short essays Maine humor icon Tim Sample shares some of the quirkier aspects of growing up and living in Maine. Along the way he offers readers a behind the scenes glimpse into his long career in the entertainment business.