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The Lobstering Life

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Middleton, David
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Berry, Brenda
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Countryman Press
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A whole world comes to life in vibrant color and sharp detail.

On May 18, 1605, George Waymouth, captain of the English ship Archangel, anchored in the lee of Monhegan Island, finding shelter from a three-day storm. Putting ashore, the crew found fresh water to drink, wood to burn, and lobsters aplenty in the shoreline rocks. Today, lobstering and lobstermen are American icons of rugged individualism, and their way of life has enlivened and colored the countless bays and coves of New England.

The Lobstering Life puts readers in the boats, on the docks, in the bars, and in the lives of the men and women who pull “bugs” from the sea to sustain a cussedly independent, much admired way of life. Not since Peter Matthiessen’s bestselling Men’s Lives has this trade been so vibrantly brought to life.