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Catherine Breer 2019 Desk Calendar's picture
Submitted by on Fri, 10/20/2017 - 6:59pm

Catherine Breer loves to document the scenes from everyday life through her paintings. She has this unique talent to see the extraordinary in the most ordinary of things. Her subject matters are often a neighborhood sidewalk, a popular hiking trail, a set of ducklings swimming in a pond, or someone’s backyard. These everyday occurrences somehow come live with her use of vivid colors and shades. It truly shows that every moment can be a moment of treasure.

The 2019 Catherine Breer Scenic Poster Calendar is a collection of Catherine’s paintings entitled "The Simple Moments"

Each month comes in a 5″x7″ single sheet that can be framed as a small poster, or carried in your binder.

Printed on recycled paper at a facility powered by wind power.
Made in the USA.

Price: $15.99