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Bowls of Goodness: Grains + Greens: Nutritious + Climate Smart Recipes for Meat-Free Meals

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Olsson, Nina
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Kyle Books
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Nina Olsson's stunning new book features over 100 recipes that showcase whole grains and fresh greens. These two food types are the foundation of some of the most healthy and delicious vegetarian food, both historically and today, and form a key part of a nourishing diet.

Chapters cover:
  • Food Soulmates - why whole grains and fresh greens are the winning nutritional formula for health and vitality. Including information on their nutritional benefits, their climate smart credentials and a glossary of all the grains and greens, and how to shop, forage, store and cook with them.
  • Power Breakfasts - Kick start your day with energyboosting recipes
  • Grain Bowls - Wholesome grain bowls perfect for any hour of the day
  • Comfort - Comforting soups, stews and hearty dishes with added greens for balance
  • Salads - Lighter dishes as well as more filling grain salads
  • Sharing - Larger plates for gatherings
  • Kitchen staples - Plant-based dairy substitutes and a bakery section
"Vegetarian food at its finest." Food and Travel magazine on Bowls of Goodness