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The Science of Paddling (Paperback)

The Science of Paddling By Shawn E. Burke Cover Image
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Our canoes kayaks, SUPs, paddles, and the water already know what to do. Shawn Burke invites us to learn their language - the language of science - to get at the why.

  • Why do our hulls float, why do they move when paddled, and what are the three types of drag that impede their motion?
  • How can we use this understanding to better trim and turn our hulls, select paddles, cross rivers, optimize our stroke, or just stay upright?
  • How can competitive paddlers adapt training concepts from other sports to make them paddling-specific?

Shawn combines the practical experience of an engineer with the passion of a dedicated paddler to help us understand what our hulls and paddles do. Combining insights and explanations grounded in physics and exercise physiology, additional material for those wishing to go deeper, and an abundance of references, The Science of Paddling is the ideal resource for the curious paddler.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798987929506
Publisher: Shawn Burke
Publication Date: June 1st, 2023
Pages: 278
Language: English