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As You Like It (Paperback)

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CELIAI pray thee, Rosalind, sweet my coz, be merry.ROSALINDDear Celia, I show more mirth than I am mistress of; and would you yet I were merrier? Unless youcould teach me to forget a banished father, you must not learn me how to remember anyextraordinary pleasure.CELIAHerein I see thou lov'st me not with the full weight that I love thee; if my uncle, thy banishedfather, had banished thy uncle, the duke my father, so thou hadst been still with me, I could havetaught my love to take thy father for mine; so wouldst thou, if the truth of thy love to me were sorighteously tempered as mine is to thee.ROSALINDWell, I will forget the condition of my estate, to rejoice in yours.CELIAYou know my father hath no child but I, nor none is like to have; and, truly, when he dies thoushalt be his heir: for what he hath taken away from thy father perforce, I will render thee again inaffection: by mine honour, I will; and when I break that oath, let me turn monster; therefore, mysweet Rose, my dear Rose, be merry.ROSALINDFrom henceforth I will, coz, and devise sports: let me see; what think you of falling in love?CELIAMarry, I pr'ythee, do, to make sport withal: but love no man in good earnest, nor no further in sportneither than with safety of a pure blush thou mayst in honour come off again.ROSALINDWhat shall be our sport, then?

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ISBN: 9798709135215
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: February 16th, 2021
Pages: 114
Language: English