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Nlp: How to Improve your Manipulation Skills Learning How Neuro Linguistic Programming Works, Best Techniques for Seduction (Paperback)

Nlp: How to Improve your Manipulation Skills Learning How Neuro Linguistic Programming Works, Best Techniques for Seduction Cover Image
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Do you want to learn how to improve your manipulation skills by learning how neuro linguistic programming works? With this book you will learn best techniques for seduction, sales, mind control and persuasion keep reading...

Your brain is a mysterious machine indeed. Everything that happens to us, the good, bad and the in-between, is in one way or another correlated with how our brain interprets things and what kind of signals it sends to the rest of the body based on these interpretations.

Most of us strive to achieve excellence in life. We want to do things just right and achieve the best results in everything we do. It is in our human nature to seek excellence, and it is because of this drive, more than anything else, that our civilization was able to become so advanced. We take on new challenges and seek solutions to unsolved problems because that's just how we are wired, it is basic human nature. This ability distinguishes us more than any other feature from all the other animals.

However, despite this desire, most of us never actually succeed in achieving this goal. We look in admiration at other people who have mastered anything, wondering how do they do it. What is their secret? You want it just as bad, you even work hard to become the best you can be in your particular field, but the results are not to your satisfaction. What are you doing wrong?

Understanding this concept will primarily help you understand how your brain functions and then you will learn the secret techniques to use this "mind map" to significantly improve every aspect of your life, from personal to professional.

You will learn about mind control and hypnosis as useful tools in achieving excellence. These somewhat mysterious and often scary concepts will be explained in detail, and you will come to realize that these, when used correctly, can work in your favor.

The lack of motivation is one of the biggest obstacles every one of us faces when wanting to become an improved version of him or herself. Using these NLP techniques, you will discover not only how you can become more motivated to do what needs to be done but also to maintain these high motivation levels for prolonged periods.

You will find out how those people you admire have gotten to where they are today and how you can turn your negative emotions into a powerful driving force pushing you forward each and every day.

This book gives a comprehensive guide on the following:
  • What Is Neuro-linguistic Programming?
  • How NLP works
  • NLP skills in seduction, practical examples
  • NLP skills in sales, practical examples
  • NLP techniques in manipulation
  • How to avoid been manipulated
  • Put some examples in secret tones, like 'i reveal this secret in this book'
  • How to Build Successful Relationships
  • How to Use NLP for Greatness
  • Change Your Thoughts
  • Using NLP to avoid manipulation
  • Manipulating the Mind Through NLP
  • Deletion
  • NLP in business
  • Superior Modeling: How to Program the Brain for Success
  • Do It, and then Do It Again
  • ... AND MORE

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ISBN: 9798613190294
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: April 13th, 2020
Pages: 180
Language: English