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1900 - The Last President (Paperback)

1900 - The Last President By Ingersoll Lockwood Cover Image
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Clear text and quality formatting.

This edition of 1900: Or; The Last President is the text of the original 1896 work by Ingersoll Lockwood. This is not a facsimile reprint, but a quality print with formatted pages and text in 11 point Calibri.

It is the eve of November 3, 1896. A 'Saviour of the Common Man' has been elected and the nation is afire with both expectation and dread.

"Mobs of vast size are organizing under the lead of Anarchists and Socialists, and threaten to plunder and despoil the houses of the rich who have wronged and oppressed them for so many years."

"Now the rich man's coffers would be made to yield up their ill-gotten gain...and take the nation's taxes on his broad shoulders, where they belong."

Will this 'Saviour' lead the nation to equality and prosperity? Or will it go down another path?

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Publication Date: August 13th, 2017
Pages: 46
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