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The Definitive Guide to Thriving on Disruption: Volume II - Essential Frameworks for Disruption and Uncertainty (Paperback)

The Definitive Guide to Thriving on Disruption: Volume II - Essential Frameworks for Disruption and Uncertainty By Roger Spitz, Lidia Zuin Cover Image
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"Disruption is the New Normal. Thrive with detailed frameworks " - Reader review


This deeply insightful and comprehensive bestseller about disruption is filled to the brim with invaluable toolkits, models, and resources

While entirely standalone, "Essential Frameworks for Disruption and Uncertainty" builds on Volume I as the ultimate blueprint for organizations and individuals to stay relevant in the unpredictable and complex 21st century.

Discover accessible tools and practical applications to build Antifragile foundations, develop the capabilities to be Anticipatory, and use emergent and strategic Agility to make effective decisions, impactful investments, and drive true innovation.

This Volume II, "Essential Frameworks for Disruption and Uncertainty", includes a valuable reference workbook used by professional futurists, showing readers how to use practitioner Futures Frameworks & Foresight Fundamentals to imagine and create desired futures.

As change is certain and omnipresent, we must also learn to thrive by mastering the language of disruption through the 6 i's framework: Intuition, Inspiration, Imagination, Improvisation, Invention, Impossible.

Dozens of contributors across different fields and regions developed real-world case studies and field-ready toolkits, putting these 6 i's into practice.

The chapter on Zen Buddhism helps you interpret our constantly changing world through Eastern philosophy. A focus on Israel reveals how this tiny country builds a system where failure is part of achieving the impossible. In the final application of the 6 i's, Science Fiction becomes a toolkit for imagination and innovation.

Together, the actionable insights, frameworks, and workbook from Volume II ensure that you'll go beyond resilience or adaptability to actually thrive on disruption and uncertainty.

Roger Spitz and Lidia Zuin draw on decades of insights from advising entrepreneurs, CEOs, boards, and shareholders in Silicon Valley and globally on evaluating their companies, competitiveness, strategic investments, and disruptions ahead.

A foresight strategist, investor, and writer, Roger's expertise lies at the intersection of futures studies and sustainable value creation building on his experience leading global investment banking and venture capital businesses. Lidia is a journalist, science fiction writer, and professional futurist.

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ISBN: 9781955110020
ISBN-10: 1955110026
Publisher: Disruptive Futures Institute
Publication Date: December 19th, 2022
Pages: 556
Language: English