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The Eden Project (Paperback)

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Brianna is a loyal friend to Aniya. There's nothing she wouldn't do for her. That loyalty is put to the test when Aniya goes missing.

As Brianna searches for answers, she uncovers private YouTube videos that hold clues about what could've happened to her friend. But when she puts the pieces together, they lead her down a puzzling trail of unimaginable proportions.

Before she can expose the truth to the world, she is kidnapped by a covert operation and taken to an island where the Eden Project, a secret futuristic plot, is underway.

Now not only must she win her own freedom; she is forced into an untenable situation that could shatter their friendship and destroy their lives if she's not careful.

Will the long-time best friends survive their ordeal, or will they succumb to the forces behind the Eden Project?

Product Details
ISBN: 9781838363703
ISBN-10: 183836370X
Publisher: A.T. Nartey
Publication Date: March 30th, 2021
Pages: 246
Language: English