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Northern Lights: The Druid of Black Lake (Paperback)

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"Greetings Delta Gillies of the Red Rose Pack, It is our honor to request that your unmated daughters, Marie and Charlotte Gillies attend the 110th Mating Exhibition of the Central Prairie Territory to be held in Brandon, Manitoba this year. Registration will be at 9am on April 4th, followed by three days of activities, concluding on April 8th at 10am. Please find the complete itinerary included in this invitation. Please find a copy of this letter has also been sent on to your alpha. Failure to comply with this invitation will have consequences for your family and your pack. Thank you, and may the Moon Goddess be with you." "Charlotte, I understand how you are feeling," my mother began, kneeling in front of me. "I know you see this as some sort of prehistoric tradition. You are right, it is. But this is our tradition, it is not meant to hurt you. It is bigger then you, bigger then one family and one pack. These traditions are meant to protect all of us and to ensure the continuation of our species. This isn't going to be the end for you, it is a new beginning." I throw my hands in the air, the invitation falls slowly to the ground. I am in tears now, hot messy tears that are coming down my face faster then I can wipe them away. "That is easy for you to say mom, you wanted to be mated. You wanted to find someone to be your everything. You wanted to have children and tow the pack line. I don't want someone to complete me, I am complete on my own.

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ISBN: 9781777633813
ISBN-10: 1777633818
Publisher: Elizabeth Menzie
Publication Date: April 1st, 2021
Pages: 230
Language: English