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Domaine Delafaire (Steward #1) (Hardcover)

Domaine Delafaire (Steward #1) Cover Image
By M. D. Ironz, Necromancer (Cover Design by)
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This is book number 1 in the Steward series.


Folklore and fantasy enmesh with physics and forensics in DOMAINE DELAFAIRE, the first volume of THE STEWARD series.

Ellen Doyle, an introverted young woman must face the unanticipated challenge of being named heir to the stewardship of some staggering secrets, not the least of which is that the Multiverse is attainable - and she now controls access, the Grand Portal, without benefit of guidance or instructions. Nor is every creature she had always thought to be a figment of fanciful folklore or mere myth actually so. Some may be far closer than she has ever imagined.

And now, someone means her harm.

When strange things happen to Ellen and those around her, no one can adequately explain. The authorities investigate, of course. But, where's the usual evidence that makes sense? Why is she being targeted? What's really going on?

Connor Redhawk, a young detective assigned to the case becomes smitten with Ellen, running the risk of compromising the growing number of baffling cases. Is this a distrating infatuation, or a real danger - or worse, both?

When her best friend, Stacy, goes missing through the portal, Ellen realizes she cannot search and rescue Stacy alone. She enlists the aid of her cousin, Mark, and the detective of whom she's grown so fond, Hawk. Trusting her instincts, and her heart, she shares the truth about her access to the Multiverse. Using the Grand Portal, they enter another realm of reality, where the laws of physics differ, sometimes in subtle ways, sometimes drastically . . . hmm, magic? The learning curve can be steep and dangerous, especially since other realms host sentient beings that strongly resemble those from our own myth and folklore, not all of whom hold humans in high regard.

In fact, some realms are aware of each other and are often in opposition. Internecine strife, periodic skirmishes, political intrigue, hidden agendas, and nefarious plotting are typical. A loose confederation is held tenuously together by an elected Council, which maintains a delicate balance among the known member realms.

Stacy, lost in the Realm of Shadow, experiences her own adventures in her effort to survive and find her way home. She discovers an unsual aspect about herself that seems to fully manifest in this alien yet strangely familiar realm.

The search for Stacy will succeed, but at a cost. For Ellen, Hawk, Mark, and Stacy the very concept of reality will be forever altered. Who can they tell? Perhaps the better question is should they tell anyone - who would believe them? On the other hand, knowing one can explore other realms of the Multiverse is a strong enticement to holding such knowledge close. Who knows what unintended consequences might loom should the wrong elements become so aware?

And so will begin a host of unimagined adventures.

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ISBN: 9781733759427
ISBN-10: 1733759425
Publisher: Professorial Holdings
Publication Date: April 1st, 2019
Pages: 532
Language: English
Series: Steward