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How to look for and get a job: Manual for success (Paperback)

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- Have you just finished your studies, and need to start looking for job?- You were victim (not guilty) of being fired and despite sending dozens or maybe hundreds of resumes, did you not receive any calls?- Would you like to know why it's important to send a cover letter, together with your resume?- Do you wonder if your CV is read, or directly rejected?- Would you like to understand what the recruiter is thinking during the interview, interpreting his signals in real time to take advantage of them?- Would you like to have an edge over the other candidates and face the interview with confidence and ease?- After the interview, no one has bothered to give you a reply and they left you in a limbo, vanishing into thin air like ghosts?- Would you like to know the best period of the year, to look for job?- Do you want to move abroad for job, but you don't know which parameters consider to make your choice?- Are you dreaming a book that takes you to the "job destination" through the selection phases, like a satellite navigator would do, suggesting the best route to reach your destination?- Do you know someone who is looking for job and would you like to give him/her a book that can give a helping hand?If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, this book is for you.The book is mostly autobiographical, holds your hand and accompanies you through real work and recruitment episodes, so that you can get the job of your dreams without finding yourself unprepared along the path of research and selection process.Not only offers a 360 overview about the actions to be taken to look for a job, but it answers many questions on how to proceed during the selection process; how to carry out the job search based on your needs, the importance of the cover letter, the management of the interview, up to the missed feedback once the selection is ended.The topics are not in depth exposed (perhaps a book, would not be enough for everyone) but are simply unraveled through practical examples and anecdotes that will allow you to understand the dynamics of selection (and not only), proceed with at "head held high" in every situation and improve yourself, whether you've never had an interview or have many years of experience.The important thing is that you know about the existence of the topics dealt with, and could decide which ones check in order to fill the gaps about the skills in which you feel less prepared and safe.You will learn to defeat the mistrust of recruiters towards you, through effective communication, lowering that "virtual drawbridge" that each of us holds up against those we do not know.It was written taking care of every last detail with extreme precision, to make this book effective; just as you would like your nuclear radiation suit to be manufactured if you unfortunately should find yourself crossing a heavily contaminated area.A book to keep on your desk and / or bedside table when you are about to look for a new job and in the days before the interview.

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ISBN: 9781694331878
ISBN-10: 1694331873
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: November 12th, 2019
Pages: 120
Language: English