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Guitar Chords Wheel: A Fast-Track Guide to Mastering Chords (Hardcover)

Guitar Chords Wheel: A Fast-Track Guide to Mastering Chords By Scott Gentry Cover Image
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This easy-to-use visual guide includes every chord you can imagine!

An essential tool in any guitarist’s case, this portable book helps you learn positions for each finger on the fretboard and offers chord substitutions for songwriting. The key references are also a great way to come up with a base for solos! This book contains every permutation of each chord, including alternate voicings and inversions. So spin the wheel and watch your guitar playing improve!

About the Author

Scott Gentry is a professional musician with 18 years of experience, based in Worthing, UK. He has been a lecturer at MET for 4 years, where he teaches secondary and A level music. He is also a part time tutor for The Band Project, a live performance workshop for children to form bands and perform songs at various venues, and he plays in the house band for the YouTube rap battle channel Don’t Flop, which has more than 430k followers. In addition to recording and performing as a session musician, Scott regularly undertakes corporate gigs and theater work, which has taken him all over Europe and North Africa.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781645174165
ISBN-10: 1645174166
Publisher: Thunder Bay Press
Publication Date: October 27th, 2020
Pages: 192
Language: English