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Origins of Difference (Paperback)

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In what ways are women and men different? Where do these differences originate? In this book, Elaine Storkey uncovers the foundational assumptions and presuppositions that lie beneath gender issues and builds a cohesive model for a biblical view of men and women. ""With her usual lucid style and keen analytic mind, Elaine Storkey conducts a critical conversation of gender relations. She shows how to separate wheat from chaff in each and demonstrates how powerful the biblical worldview can be as the foundational metanarrative of human history and hope."" --Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen, Eastern College ""With a deep biblical commitment, a firm grasp of history, and profound insight into the complexity of human persons and society, Storkey shows us how to evaluate the ongoing 'gender' debate. This is a major contribution to Christian thought on this subject."" --James W. Skillen, Center for Public Justice ""Elaine Storkey covers complex issues in gender studies, postmodernity, and feminist theory with admirable clarity and deft theological insight. This is the first volume I would put in the hands of anyone seeking a helpful introduction to gender, theology, and feminism for our postmodern times."" --Alan G. Padgett, Azusa Pacific University ""With acuity, balance, sympathy, and humility, Storkey analyzes an impressive array of literature about sex and gender differences. Much more than a survey, she uncovers the often unconscious assumptions behind the discussion."" --Mardi Keyes, L'Abri Fellowship Elaine Storkey (DD, Lambeth/Oxford) is a sociologist and theologian of international renown. She is the author of many books, including What's Right with Feminism.

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ISBN: 9781532680083
ISBN-10: 1532680082
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication Date: July 11th, 2019
Pages: 160
Language: English