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Days of Little Texas (MP3 CD)

Days of Little Texas By R. a. Nelson, Luke Daniels (Read by) Cover Image
By R. a. Nelson, Luke Daniels (Read by)
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Too late to run. I take one last, shuddery breath, then walk toward the pulpit. A wind from the sorghum fields hits me, and the pages flap all the way from Leviticus to First Corinthians. Even after all this time, I am never quite ready for the scream. It's here now, rolling over me. And I begin.

At sixteen, Ronald Earl is no longer the boy-wonder preacher known to the faithful as Little Texas. But on the tent-revival circuit, his adoring followers still roar and praise his name. When he lays his hands on to heal, the spirit still fills him, and he truly believes that he is an instrument for good in a wicked, treacherous world. But lately he has also felt this sliver, this little sliver...of doubt.

So when a girl in a blue dress is brought to him, nearly lifeless, he lays his hands upon her and feels a jolt shoot through him and into her. And as she smiles into his eyes, it seems that Little Texas has performed yet another miraculous healing. But Ronald Earl, he knows that something is not right. This one is different.

Another small town, another revival, and the same girl appears in that same blue dress. A day later, on the fringe of the believers--a flash of blue. Is she just another of the grateful and devoted? Or is she something else? And is she not following but haunting him?

Welcome, all ye faithful--and otherwise--to a ghost story, a romance, a reckoning. Come one, come all to Days of Little Texas.

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ISBN: 9781501284625
ISBN-10: 1501284622
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Publication Date: August 11th, 2015
Language: English