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Maine Immortals: Including Many Unique Characters in Early Maine History (Paperback)

Maine Immortals: Including Many Unique Characters in Early Maine History By Joseph M. Demakis, Wilbur D. Spencer Cover Image
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In Maine the spirit of ambition has always run high. Whether it emanates from the clear and invigorating breath of the hills, from the romantic reaches of the restless sea, or from the unseen heart of creation, it is found there in profusion. Many of its votaries have won the laurel wreath and slipped through earth's postern portal to further conquests.It is difficult to select typical characters from the hundreds who have gained prominence along similar lines of activity in state and world affairs. Opinion differs as to qualifications. In the list presented some reader may look in vain for his ideal, but it was not proposed to consider those who are little known and unique. Neither are eccentric characters eligible as such. It would not be strange if, from the annals of three progressive centuries, some worthy name should have been inadvertently omitted. Doubtless, when the full test of time has intervened, another list of equal merit can be found but, for the present, the true standards for selection must be applied, necessarily, to those mortals who have left a few straggling finger prints on the enduring threshold of eternity.It was the original intention that no living person should be considered in this volume on the ancient theory that it is unsafe to estimate any man's full achievement before his demise, since he may undo in the last hour all that he has accomplished in a lifetime. That plan of exclusion has been followed with but one exception, where the subject of the sketch represents an unusual type and strands in a class by himself.Biography is a really fascinating way to present history in terms of individual effort, and certain phases of the state's record are illuminated by this means, including Colonial, Revolutionary and Civil War periods.Maine has had its full share of artists, authors, educators, historians, humorists, inventors, martyrs, musicians, patriots, poets, reformers, scientists, soldiers and statesmen. It is hoped that this inspiring array may encourage other aspirants for public service to face the uncertain future with renewed confidence in a successful outcome.

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