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Fort Rules: A Guide to Getting Along (Hardcover)

Fort Rules: A Guide to Getting Along By Richard A. Hollen Cover Image
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Fort Rules: A Guide to Getting Along provides a set of guiding principles for all of life's relationships. A gang of kids built a fort and, in the process, identified a few basic rules necessary to establish order from chaos. The "rules" were discovered in the children's secret Fort Book. Hollen applies these rules to real-life adult scenarios and explains why these simple guiding principles can be difficult to implement.

Ten simple rules guaranteed to ensure the success of your team

"Fort Rules is a succinct, powerful and warm interpretation of the clarity of vision set down by Richard's children and their friends. This is not just another cute, childish business fable. Hollen instills his incredible experience and creates a practical guide to interpersonal relationships in business and real life that you can put into practice immediately. We could all profit by making the Fort Rules part of our next business plan or HR policy "

-Jim Bouchard, America's Black Belt Powervator; Speaker, Coach & Author of Dynamic Components of Personal POWER Visit him at

"HolIen hit a home run with his book Fort Rules. Along the same lines as the One Minute Manager and Who Stole My Cheese, this book can be read in a sitting. The author takes ten simple rules created by a group of children, who built a fort, and felt they needed some rules to live by... and immediately saw how to, simply and succinctly, apply these same rules to improve your everyday life and business. What I really like about this book is that it can either be read in one sitting or each of the ten fort rules can be studied, learned and applied for a day or week at a time until they become part of your daily routine. If more people would "buy in" to these rules, the world would be a better place. Great job on this book "

-Robert A. LaBrie, Jr., President, Maximum Potential. Visit him at

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ISBN: 9781440126611
ISBN-10: 1440126615
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: May 31st, 2009
Pages: 108
Language: English