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The Temple of Lal Gubir (Paperback)

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A rich and detailed dungeon-based adventure for first level characters compatible with D&D 5th edition: 6 major encounter areas, each multiple of rooms, spread over 4 detailed maps; a sustained and coherent storyline, with every encounter and room contributing to the whole; strong balance between combat, dialogue, role-play and puzzle-solving; encounters which flex in size/difficulty according to the number of players in your group; sufficient XP for a group to progress to Level 2; background information, including a table of gods and their domains, to bring the campaign to life; 8 to 12 hours estimated playing time;;""play as you go"" instructions for novice DMs, including clear instructions, so that you can start playing right away. "Initial reports from agents sent by the Chancellor speak of strange rumours of evil spirits terrorising Lal Gubir and making off with the children of its inhabitants. He also gave you this curious token collected by his latest agent...

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ISBN: 9781326584467
ISBN-10: 1326584464
Publication Date: March 5th, 2016
Pages: 68
Language: English