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Rhymes of Moral Turpitude: The Trump Poems: Year Two (Paperback)

Rhymes of Moral Turpitude: The Trump Poems: Year Two By John Branning Cover Image
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Acclaimed humor writer John Branning continues to document the (lack of) accomplishments of the Trump administration -- all in verse. Veering among being incensed, appalled, discouraged, angered and revolted by Trump's words and actions -- these short, spritely verses still somehow manage to amuse.While examining the so-called immigration "crisis" (Dodging the Caravan; Xeno-evil), interactions with other world leaders (I've Got A Helsinking Feeling; Kim-Possible Love) and a certain Supreme Court nominee (Kava-naughty; The Burden of 80 Proof); to family interactions (Danke, Ivanka; Chump Tower), insults offered (Easter Tirade; An Honest Day's Jerk) and thorny legal issues (Voir Dire Straits, Pleas Don't Help Me) -- Rhymes of Moral Turpitude overflows with clever, insightful rhymes generated with a frenzy nearly matching that of the President's tweets.Often writing in Trump's (imagined) inner voice, author John Branning doesn't so much denigrate the POTUS as use many of his own (best) words and thoughts to hoist him on his own petard. Perhaps you could say these poems portray the current White House occupant as petard-ed.

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ISBN: 9780997077353
ISBN-10: 0997077352
Publisher: Pusillanimous Books
Publication Date: February 5th, 2019
Pages: 370
Language: English