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Love Builds Brains (Paperback)

Love Builds Brains By Jean M. Clinton Cover Image
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Love Builds Brains, lays out the early years' journey of attachment, self-regulation, connection, resilience and well-being, with scientific explanations that are measured out in understandable doses. We hear the author's voice throughout the chapters as she tells clinical and personal stories to amplify her points and perspective. She speaks from a population perspective, berating the poor world rankings of Canada on various OECD reports and then speaks to the individual level of our involvement with children suggesting prevention and management strategies. In the book, there's a strong and appropriate emphasis on early years' development, but there's also attention to the adolescent brain. This book is full of scientifically-based wisdom in a conversational style.

The book addresses and offers approaches to understand and respond to issues of anxiety, stress, behavour, attachment, resilience and recovery. As a child psychatrist, Dr. Clinton provides ample brain research information to undergird her suggestions for parents, teachers and others who work with children. The final chapter on our digital world points to some ways to manage how children use media time.

Dr. Clinton works very hard to advocate for children and youth and to translate the sciences that have uncovered more about the workings of the brain and mind. She sees her role as a Knowledge Translator, bringing insights to groups of people by making research and knowledge accessible.

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ISBN: 9780981014968
ISBN-10: 0981014968
Publisher: Tall Pine Press
Publication Date: June 29th, 2020
Pages: 280
Language: English