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Teaching on Days After: Educating for Equity in the Wake of Injustice (Hardcover)

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What should teachers do on the days after major events, tragedies, and traumas, especially when injustice is involved? This beautifully written book features teacher narratives and youth-authored student spotlights that reveal what classrooms do and can look like in the wake of these critical moments. Dunn incisively argues for the importance of equitable commitments, humanizing dialogue, sociopolitical awareness, and a rejection of so-called pedagogical neutrality across all grade levels and content areas. By highlighting the voices of teachers who are pushing beyond their concerns and fears about teaching for equity and justice, readers see how these educators address negative reactions from parents and administrators, welcome all student viewpoints, and negotiate their own feelings. These inspiring stories come from diverse areas such as urban New York, rural Georgia, and suburban Michigan, from both public and private schools, and from classrooms with both novice and veteran teachers. Teaching on Days After can be used to support current classroom teachers and to better structure teacher education to help preservice teachers think ahead to their future classrooms.

Book Features:

  • Narratives from teachers and students that represent a diverse range of identities, locations, grade levels, and content areas.
  • Examples of days after that teachers remember, including 9/11, elections, natural disasters, gun violence, police brutality, social uprisings, Supreme Court decisions, immigration policies, and more.
  • Examples of days after that K-12 and college-aged students remember, including what their teachers did and didn't do and how they experienced these moments.

About the Author

Alyssa Hadley Dunn is an associate professor in the Department of Teacher Education at Michigan State University, and author of Teachers Without Borders? The Hidden Consequences of International Teachers in U.S. Schools.

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ISBN: 9780807766224
ISBN-10: 0807766224
Publisher: Teachers College Press
Publication Date: December 17th, 2021
Language: English