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The MacGyver Secret: Connect to Your Inner MacGyver And Solve Anything (Paperback)

The MacGyver Secret: Connect to Your Inner MacGyver And Solve Anything By Lee D. Zlotoff, Colleen Seifert Cover Image
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Written by the creator of MacGyver, The MacGyver Secret book details everything you need to experience breakthroughs in your creative problem solving. It teaches you the 3 simple steps to connect with your Inner MacGyver, guides you through the science by co-author Colleen Seifert, Ph.D. of why it works so well, shares tips about how to apply it in both personal and work situations, and gives you real world examples of how people like you are using it every day. It's a radical new approach to creative problem solving

Perhaps you recognize yourself in some of these challenges:
1) I would like to be more creative.
2) My work requires me to produce at a rate that is overwhelming at times.
3) I face challenges in my personal life that I don't know how to solve.
4) I have creative spurts, but I don't know how to sustain them.
5) My life would be better if I knew how to perform at peak levels over longer periods.

In this practical and innovative guide, learn how to tap into your Inner MacGyver for unprecedented levels of creative problem solving. This will allow you to solve even the most complex technical, creative, or personal problems simply and reliably. And so will not only enhance your professional standing, but provide you the freedom to more fully experience your personal life and be more connected and supportive to those who you live and work with.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780692761441
ISBN-10: 0692761446
Publisher: Macgyver Solutions
Publication Date: November 1st, 2016
Pages: 148
Language: English