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The Four Seasons of Pasta (Hardcover)

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Acclaimed food writer Nancy Jenkins, teams up with her master chef daughter Sara with a unique around-the-seasons cookbook devoted to simple, everyday pasta recipes

There are few ingredients in a cook’s pantry that beat out pasta—for tastiness, for ease of preparation, for versatility, and for sheer delight. It’s irresistible to all and perfect for every occasion. In The Four Seasons of Pasta, Sara Jenkins and Nancy Harmon Jenkins celebrate the Italian native that has become a beloved American staple.

Jenkins and her mom draw on their own background in Italy, where they’ve lived, cooked, studied, and worked in Rome and Florence, and on a Tuscan olive farm for many years. Today, Sara is a highly accomplished chef and owner of Porsena and Porchetta, two restaurants in New York’s East Village while Nancy is a nationally known food journalist and authority on the Mediterranean diet, with a number of prominent cookbooks to her credit (including The New Mediterranean Diet Cookbook and Flavors of Tuscany).

The Four Seasons of Pasta brings together more than 120 recipes focused on seasonal ingredients from supermarkets and farmstands across America, from the gamey meat ragus, chestnuts, and brilliant pumpkins in autumn to summer’s explosion of tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers. Nancy and Sara introduce readers to quick-and-easy weeknight dishes as well as more ambitious affairs while four-color photography brings the recipes vividly to life. Along the way, the two cooks delve into how to cook, sauce, and present pasta, how to make it by hand, and pasta’s significant place in a healthy modern diet.  

The Four Seasons of Pasta is an invaluable tool for home cooks seeking to enjoy the quintessential food that’s in their pantry all year-round.

About the Author

Nancy Jenkins has been a nationally recognized food authority since the 1980s and has written for the New York Times food section, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Food & Wine, and many other publications. She is the author of New Mediterranean Diet Cookbook and is an acknowledged expert on Mediterranean food, in which pasta figures greatly.

Sara Jenkins is the highly accomplished chef and owner of Porsena Restaurant in New York’s East Village. Billed as a “pasta restaurant,” Porsena has been met with excellent reviews and much enthusiasm. Sara has been featured in Bon Appétit and on NPR and contributes regularly to the Atlantic’s food blog.

The Jenkinses have lived in Italy and on the Mediterranean, at least part time, since the 1970s.

Michael Harlan Turkell, a James Beard Foundation Award nominated photographer, and author of Acid Trip, a vinegar cookbook, has documented the inner-workings of the culinary worlds for over a decade. He also hosts The Food Seen on

Praise For…

“I’m just so excited every time Nancy writes a book—it is always an inspiration, because she goes into each subject with such enthusiasm and depth. And I know that Sara is a wonderfully talented and intuitive chef. It is no surprise, then, Nancy and Sara have together created a beautifully approachable book that captures the vibrancy, traditions and remarkable versatility of pasta.”
—Alice Waters

"The Jenkinses are a treasure of Italian cooking in America. They are bastions of all that is good: simplicity, freshness and harmony. This new collection strips the philosophy to its most basic elements: dressing pasta based on what is fresh and what will settle your soul. I’ll be using it as a calendar."
—Mario Batali

“My first trip to Italy years ago was with Sara to visit her mom Nancy at their family home in Tuscany and it changed me forever as a chef so I can't think of two better guides to instruct on how to make pasta at home. The recipes are, of course, brilliant and I love that they bring the reader to lesser known regions of Italy throughout the book. The Four Seasons of Pasta will teach, inspire, and make you want to cook- and eat!”
—Chef Barbara Lynch, Barbara Lynch Gruppo

“This is the dream team of culinary skill and writing. The delicious sensibility and integrity of the Italian cooking heritage shines through on every page and illustrates why we love this humble yet elegant dough, made simply of flour and water. "
—Chef Amanda Freitag

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