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The Time Lizard's Archaeologist (Paperback)

The Time Lizard's Archaeologist By Trisha Hanifin Cover Image
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2016.Auckland psychologist, Jason Winston, grieving over the death of his sister and increasingly disorientated by dreams and visions, begins to experience an alternate reality. Here he encounters Aja, a woman on a mission to discover who destroyed her village and stole their powerful source of fuel

2026.Auckland suffers an ecological crisis: the bee population is almost wiped out and the human population exposed to a debilitating virus. Isolated camps are established in the bush for those infected.

2036.A time of increasing food shortages, growing unrest and the influence of 'The Flock' which promises a haven for young people fearful of their future. Jason is approached by a young woman, Griffin, troubled by her own disturbing dreams and visions. Do they offer unusual insight or are they a sign of psychosis? Does she have access to timeless wisdom or is she delusional? Can Jason help her find a way to comprehend the past, survive the present and create a better future?

With its intertwining of mythology, psychology, ecology and environmental concerns, The Time Lizard's Archaeologist explores the psyche of the modern world,

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ISBN: 9780473578923
ISBN-10: 0473578921
Publisher: Cloud Ink Press Ltd
Publication Date: April 5th, 2022
Pages: 264
Language: English